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Single Entry for the Tilston 10k 2019

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Great to have you on board for the Tilston 10k on 30th June 2019

This is your payment for entry to the event.

In entering the race you agree to be bound by the following statement:

I wish to enter the 2019 Tilston 10K Fun Run Event and hereby declare that I am an amateur as defined by the U.K.A. laws.

I certify that I agree that the organisers or officials of the Tilston 10k cannot be held responsible for any loss of property, injury or illness incurred to my person during, or as a result of my participating in the race. I understand my entry details may be stored in the database for administration purposes but will not be shared with any other organisation or entity.

I am or will be over 15 years of age on 30th June 2019.

The event is NOT affiliated to any organisation and should be considered a Fun Run. Any timing is approximate and for indicative purposes only.