June 30, 2019

2019 – RESULTS

Presentation time …

We have had a fantastic time this year ( again! ) with 122 runners taking part, whether this was just the word getting around or the move in the date we can’t be sure, but we have provisionally booked the 28th June 2020 for next years event – get it in your diary !!

So you are here for the results:

They have all been put into PDF format and can be downloaded from the links below.

2019 – OVERALL
2019 – MEN
2019 – WOMEN
2019 – VET50 MEN
2019 – VET50 WOMEN

The two local winners of the “Tilston Cups” were:
Tom Leather (40:41) and Joanne Mulligan (49:00)

As always, please let me know if there are any problems – remember that all times are indicative and are gun times so expect a little adjustment from your watches!

I have lots and lots of photographs courtesy of Harry Bongo (name withheld to protect the guilty!) , these will go onto our Flickr Account as soon as they are checked and then will be linked here.

Thank you all again for your support – looks like we have raised approx £1400 for the Village Charities and it will be well used for the benefit of the whole village ..